Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Made It: November

Good day all! I'm teaming up with the wonderful Tara again for Monday, Made it! Click on the "sticky" to see what others have been up to this month! :)

Things have been hectic with family and friends lately, but I've managed to get a few things done (including this post, hehe...)

So, I've been busy with my three beautiful children lately and we were able to get a little crafty. For me it was a great chance to see how their hand-eye coordination was going and I was very impressed. So, the three of us each created a "cereal heart" to put together and feed the "birds." If only we had a tree, because I don't think the birds will be eating from this thing unless their flying and eating at the same time skills are really good. 

This little guy turned 3 months! He's been smiling and cooing so much lately I LOVE it! I think he's also trying to figure out how to laugh, because he seems to be trying to with squeals... hehe...

I've also been working on a Christmas present for YOU! I wrapped it up good and tight, so I hope you can open it. (Feel free to open this one early! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas SUPER EARLY GUYS!

Click on the image to reveal your present!

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