Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Made It: January

Happy Monday and NEW YEAR everyone! I'm excited once again to link up with Tara over at Fourth Grade Frolics. I can't wait to see what what the new year has brought to everyone!

I tried a new sugar cookie recipe this Christmas and the kids were able to help me decorate them. They turned out super yummy and it is the BEST recipe that I've tried thus far (and one of the easiest)!

If you would like the recipe, please email me at!

We made our first family debut together as a "party of 5." A debut is a coming of age party in the Filipino culture. It's very similar to a cotillion or a quinceanera. Michael's (my husband's) cousin, Janelle was celebrating her 18th birthday. 

My little girl, Angelica, just celebrated her 2nd birthday on new years eve. I made the cookies and the cake, but my mom decorated it. I think next time (now that I know how to assemble it) I will decorate the cake too. 

I have had the MOST FUN creating my newest resource. It's a "color-by-number" for matching chemical elements to their symbols. I got the idea from Jill at Utah Roots and will be creating more color-by-number sets with different themes soon (as well as other resources I can't wait to share with you all). Below are 3 installments of the "Elements" set! Click the image for more information about these products.

Put a fun twist on learning chemical symbols with this “color by chemical symbols” activity! Use it as a fun way to practice matching 20 chemical elements with their symbols, or as a quiz! It’s a great way for students to practice learning their chemical symbols.

Students will use a color-coded key to match each element symbol to its name. They will locate each symbol, however many times it appears in the puzzle, and color it according to the key. 

The elements used in this puzzle are:◌ Lithium ◌ Beryllium ◌ Boron ◌ Fluorine ◌ Neon ◌ Phosphorus ◌ Chlorine ◌ Argon
◌ Scandium ◌ Titanium ◌ Vanadium ◌ Chromium ◌ Manganese ◌ Cobalt ◌ Zinc ◌ Gallium
◌ Germanium ◌ Arsenic ◌ Selenium ◌ Bromine


The elements used in this puzzle are:
◌ Krypton ◌ Rubidium ◌ Strontium ◌ Yttrium ◌ Zirconium ◌ Niobium ◌ Molybdenum 
◌ Technetium ◌ Ruthenium ◌ Rhodium ◌ Palladium ◌ Cadmium ◌ Indium ◌ Antimony 
◌ Tellurium ◌ Iodine ◌ Xenon ◌ Cesium ◌ Barium ◌ Lanthanum 


The elements used in this puzzle are:
◌ Hafnium ◌ Tantalum ◌ Tungsten ◌ Rhenium ◌ Osmium ◌ Iridium ◌ Platinum 
◌ Thallium ◌ Bismuth ◌ Polonium ◌ Astatine ◌ Radon ◌ Francium ◌ Radium ◌ Actinium  
◌ Thorium ◌ Protactinium ◌ Uranium  ◌ Neptunium ◌ Plutonium


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