Thursday, February 19, 2015

Coloring with a Purpose - A FUN Way to Help Students Practice a Skill Set!

Lately, there has been a great shift in how to better engage students in a repetitive skill or mundane task other than using flash cards or worksheets. The newest alternative is a Color-by-Number approach!

I have created a few sets of these to help your students master the art of matching Element Symbols to their respective names. The original idea what thought of by Utah Roots and you can download her version here.

The first set includes the following elements: ◌ Lithium ◌ Beryllium ◌ Boron ◌ Fluorine 
◌ Neon ◌ Phosphorus ◌ Chlorine ◌ Argon ◌ Scandium ◌ Titanium ◌ Vanadium 
◌ Chromium ◌ Manganese ◌ Cobalt ◌ Zinc ◌ Gallium ◌ Germanium ◌ Arsenic 
◌ Selenium ◌ Bromine

 Click here to download it!

The second set includes the following elements: ◌ Krypton ◌ Rubidium ◌ Strontium 
◌ Yttrium  ◌ Zirconium  ◌ Niobium ◌ Molybdenum ◌ Technetium ◌ Ruthenium 
◌ Rhodium ◌ Palladium ◌ Cadmium ◌ Indium ◌ Antimony ◌ Tellurium ◌ Iodine ◌ Xenon 
◌ Cesium ◌ Barium ◌ Lanthanum 

Click here to download it!

The third set includes the following elements: ◌ Hafnium ◌ Tantalum ◌ Tungsten 
◌ Rhenium ◌ Osmium ◌ Iridium ◌ Platinum ◌ Thallium ◌ Bismuth ◌ Polonium 
◌ Astatine ◌ Radon ◌ Francium ◌ Radium ◌ Actinium  ◌ Thorium ◌ Protactinium 
◌ Uranium  ◌ Neptunium ◌ Plutonium

Click here to download it!

And to really save $$... I've BUNDLED them up for you!
Click here to download it!

Lately, I've also been thinking about how I can help students gain exposure to a lot of different animals without spending weeks upon, weeks of research. The solution I have found is so FUN! I have created a Color-by-Number Activity for classifying Vertebrates (animals with a backbone). Let your students team-up and explore over 100 different types of animals. This works great for SUB PLANS and is ideal right before a research project. Click the images to find out more!

Click here to download it!

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  1. I love this post! I did not realize that coloring by number had a new purpose!