Thursday, February 26, 2015

Techno Help: Adding more GIF to your life....& your TpT Store!

I was so excited when I figured this out... I HAVE to share this with you all! So GIF images (Graphics Interchange Format) do exactly what they say they do... they are graphics that loop or interchange with one another, just like this one below.

So, How did I create this?? You can check it out by downloading my FREE product!

Now, there was also an AMAZING tutorial by Christi Fultz on how to jazz up the "quote section" of your store.... Click here to read how she did it!

I was thinking... what if I applied my GIF image instead of a regular image? Would it work? The answer is YES IT WILL!


Simply create your GIF image (I've explained this in my FREE download) and insert it in the code instead.

STEP 1: Create the GIF image
STEP 2: Upload the GIF image to the internet (I like to use photobucket for this) & copy the "direct link"
STEP 3: Decide what link you want someone to go to once they have clicked your image
STEP 4: Use the code below. Paste in the two links where the ALL CAPS are. [make sure all of the code matches this exactly including the quotation marks (")]

 <a href="LINK"><img src="PICTURE"></a> 

STEP 5: Go to your TpT Store account....

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