Sunday, March 8, 2015

Super Science: Physical Science "Ph-renzy"

Welcome to "Super Science Sundays;" where each week I will highlight some of the TOP Science Freebies offered by the very best Teachers pay Teachers authors. Each week has a different science theme. This week I will highlight some of the best Physical Science resources offered to the K-12 classroom.


First off, we have Rebecca from Science Rocks.  She has an super cool Convection Lab that you MUST check out! Use this lab when you teach convection currents, oceanography, or molecule movement (how molecules move in cold and warm temperatures).

Click the image to download it at her store!


Next is Forever in Third Grade. She has a very creative States of Matter Game that is sure to be a big hit with the little ones! She has two different print options available, and I could see this also being use in interactive notebooks or even a quick "sort."

Click the image to download it at her store!


Next is Elizabeth Chapin Pinotti. She has a super Matter PPT that cover solids, liquids and gases.

Click the image to download it at her store!


Lastly, I have 2 great freebies that I would like to shared with you this week. The resource on the left is a free liquid volume assessment page (with answer key) that is great for extra practice, homework, small group instruction, or however you see to use it in your classroom.

The other freebie (on the right) is an amazing reference for students who are just learning displaced volume. These full page reference pages break everything down step-by-step so that students can understand the process. On the other page, I explain how to find displaced volume three different ways.  Enjoy these freebies (you know you want to)!


Click the image to download them at my store!

Check back with me NEXT SUNDAY for some more amazing resources with a STEM Theme! Fill out my Google form if you would like to submit your own science freebies. Comment below if you would like to see more upper or lower grade featured freebies. 

Happy Sunday!

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