Sunday, April 12, 2015

Super Science: Life Science Learnin'

Happy Divine Mercy Sunday & welcome to "Super Science Sundays;" where each week I will highlight some of the TOP Science Freebies offered by the very best Teachers pay Teachers authors. Each week has a different science theme. This week I will highlight some of the best Life Science resources offered to the K-12 classroom.


First off, we have Kathleen Applebee.  She has put together an amazing resource that is great for all your kiddos during this time of year. Her Biblical Kinesthetic Life Science Games will get your students on the move and learning!

Click the image to download it at her website!


Next, is Vilena Hamilton. She has a fantastic Photosynthesis Factory Craft that is perfect for your plant unit!!

Click the image to download it at her store!


Next is Education to the Core. She has a resource that will be a BIG hit in your classrooms! This mini-book is perfect for teaching the little ones all about spiders!

Click on the image above to download it at her store!


Next, is Rosie from the Green Grubs Garden Club. This is by far, one of my favorite freebies that I have found! She always finds such creative ways to incorporate nature into the classroom. Your kids will surely love this Bug Scavenger Hunt!

Click the image to download it at her store!


Lastly, Erica Bohrer has a great life cycle freebie. This freebie is great if you are starting a bat unit or whenever you are talking to the little ones about life cycles!

Click the image to download it at her store!

Check back with me NEXT SUNDAY for some free SPRING Science 
resources! Fill out my Google form if you would like to submit your own science freebies. Comment below if you would like to see more upper or lower grade featured freebies. 

Happy Sunday!

Some of my friends want to also let you know about some of their products they have created especially for Life Science. Click on the links below to find out more about these great Life Science resources!

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