Sunday, May 3, 2015

Super Science: Let's Get Phyiscal

Welcome to "Super Science Sundays;" where each week I will highlight some of the TOP Science Freebies offered by the very best Teachers pay Teachers authors. Each week has a different science theme. This week I will highlight some of the best Physical Science Resources offered to the K-12 classroom.


First off, we have Rebecca from Science Rocks.  She has put together an amazing inquiry lessons that focuses on the relationship between water depth, water pressure, air pressure, and gravity. This "3 Hole Bottle Experiment" is a great inquiry activity that can be modified for any grade level.

 Click the image to download it at her store!


Next, my friend over at the Lab has another fantastic experiment guide that you can do with  middle school students. Check out how various metals react with oxygen with their experiment guide.

Click the image to download it at the lab's store!


Next is Josh, the Science Demo Guy. I'm a fan of slime and fire, but I never thought about "setting slime on fire." Josh's freebie video demo walks you all the way through the flaming process.

Click on the image above to download this video at his store!


Next, is Tripp a.k.a. Mister Science. He has a phenomenal graphic organizer that will definitely help your students understand the concept of work. This creative, comic-like, graphic organizer will also help engage your students as well!
Click the image to download it at his store!


Lastly, the Pensive Sloth has a great freebie for ya. This Properties of light freebie will brighten your day for sure! This great vocabulary mini-unit has loads of activities, word wall cards and more!

Click any of the images to download it at her store!

As your school year comes closer to the end, check back with me NEXT SUNDAY for some free Outdoor Science Resources
! Fill out my Google form if you would like to submit your own science freebies. Comment below if you would like to see more upper or lower grade featured freebies. 

Happy Sunday!

Some of my friends want to also let you know about some of their products they have created especially for Physical Science. Click on the links below to find out more about these great Physical Science Resources!

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