Thursday, July 31, 2014

Integrating Technology - Take One, Voki!

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Today I'm teaming up with the "Teaching Trio" on Technology Thursday.

I just wanted to write a little something about one resource that I've used to incorporate technology in the classroom. As with any fun, exciting activity or thing you introduce to the students, you have to set clear expectations and stay really focused with what they are learning about. Otherwise, the excitement is there, but some of the learning gets lost.

I want to start with a tool that I have used before in the classroom called Voki. Here is a list of some of the ways that I have incorporated this tool:

-Students create a summary
-Students tell about something they have researched
-Teacher introduces a lesson, or posts web reminders

Example of a Voki that I used as an example for students. No voice recording needed. I just typed and chose what computer voice I liked best.

Albert Einstein Example

Example of a Voki I created to help direct students and parents on my blog. This was used with my own voice recording.

Sock puppet

Here are some other ideas that I have had about using this tool:
-Short persuasive writing tool
-Explain a math or science problem
-Digital clues to a scavenger hunt

End product
Here are the options once the students finish their voki creation:
-Email it to you
-Copy and paste the link (via Google doc?) or to a word document

With this tool being so amazing there are a few "hang-ups." The voice typing tool illustrated in the Einstein demo above, will only let you type so much. There is more time for recording a voice to put in your puppet, but it would be an extra step (more time) for those of you who do not have as much tech support at your school.

Voki does offer new services for teachers and classrooms that would be worth checking out.... even seeing if your school would cover the subscription cost for you.

Feel free to comment below with any additional ideas or feedback!

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  1. Rebecca,
    I like that the first couple uses you cite as examples of students creating using Voki. Typically I see teachers using it to give directions, while there is nothing wrong with that I think student creation is much more powerful. Nice review.