Sunday, May 10, 2015

Super Science: the Great Outdoors

Happy Mother's Day and welcome to "Super Science Sundays;" where each week I will highlight some of the TOP Science Freebies offered by the very best Teachers pay Teachers authors. Each week has a different science theme. This week I will highlight some of the best  Outdoor Science Resources offered to the K-12 classroom.


First off, we have Amy from Science Stuff.  She has put together an amazing ecology lesson for the upper grades, that will get your students out and about. This is a very meaningful lesson that I am positive your students will enjoy!

  Click the image to download it at her store!


Next, my friend Rosie over at the Green Grubs Garden Club has another fantastic outdoor experience! The little ones will be so excited to get out of the classroom and explore the great outdoors (as well as practice their writing skills). Rosie's Spring Nature Walk is a wonderful download for the younger grades.

Click the image to download it at her store!


Next is Kim, from Kim Scott Science. This "hot" investigation will not only get your kids outside, but is perfect for that transition into summer. Let your students got out and Investigate the Sun's Heat!

Click the image to download it at her store!


Next, is Kate over at Kate's Classroom Cafe. She has some super cute graphic organizers that will work great for student observations outside the classroom. Certain graphic organizers in this freebie allow your students to record math and science observations!

Click the image to download it at her store!


Lastly, Tracey, the "Smart Chick" has a great freebie for your students. This simple Outdoor Scavenger Hunt includes: a list of items for students to collect outside, rules for students when they are outside, and a list of items you will need to put together for each group as their "kit." Take advantage of those beautiful Spring days with your students and use this HUNT!

Click any of the images to download it at her store!

As your school year comes closer to the end, check back with me NEXT SUNDAY for some free Science Games to keep them learning and focused as Summer gets closer
! Fill out my Google form if you would like to submit your own science freebies. Comment below if you would like to see more upper or lower grade featured freebies. 

Happy Sunday!

Some of my friends want to also let you know about some of their products they have created especially for Outdoor Science. Click on the links below to find out more about these great Outdoor Science Resources!

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